About Destiny Bowman

I am a Denver based artist.  My start was in Northern Michigan before moving west to Colorado.  It’s in Denver where I just happened to cross paths with Daniel Sprick.  With his generosity and interest in my artistic capabilities, I was able to study with him in his studio.  I learned an immense amount of knowledge, and am forever greatful. I now am able to record the world around me with paint.  The very act of painting is therapy for me.  It’s the one activity in my life that calms and slows my mind.  I choose to paint beauty, but also love light and shadow.  I like exploring the shedding of light over a person or object. I like the illumination of an area just as much as what’s hiding in the shadow.  

If you have questions about a painting, or an inquiry about a commission, don’t hesitate to contact me.